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29 January 2013 @ 04:46 pm
Commitment [Chapter 2/12]  
Title: Commitment Chapter 2/12
Author:  [info]mysteriousgal11
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Rating: PG-13 for now
Arioka Daiki has been Takaki Yuya's secretary for almost a year. He prides to his self on keeping their relationship purely professional until a business trip to Hawaii proves to be for his undoing. The heat of the sun strokes the flames of passion, and Daiki can't resist his boss. But one night they got a shocking news, Arioka Daiki, a male, got pregnant.



It seemed like in no time they are driven to their hotel already and because Daiki is the one who booked the hotel, he already knew what the rooms will look like because of the photographs he saw, but he didn’t expect that the grandeur of the building will took his breath away. The architecture is stunning, but what stopped her breathing altogether was the discovery that his room was right next door to Takaki and it was actually part of his suite because it had an adjoining door which fortunately is locked. That didn’t make him any happier but more alarmed. Did Takaki asked him to be put there? There was only one way to find out. Daiki walked the few yards along the corridor and tapped on his door, entering at the sound of his voice.

“Why have I been roomed next to you?” Daiki asked bluntly without even waiting for him to ask what he wanted.

“Does it bother you?” Takaki didn’t looked concerned or surprise with the question, it seems like he’s already expecting Daiki’s reaction.

“Actually, yes it does.” Daiki retorted.

“For what reason?” Takaki captured Daiki’s eyes

“Because…well…” He doesn’t really have a particular reason.” “Because it doesn’t feel right, I should be with the others, it’s as though you’re giving me more privileges.”

Takaki brows rose and he folded his muscular arms on his magnificent chest. He had undine the top buttons of his shirt earlier, revealing his chest that is worth drooling for. Daiki never seen him like that, only in formal suit, although it shouldn’t affect him, it did. He hated to admit it, but his boss is so sexy.

“For your information, I was thinking of practicalities.”

Daiki can’t hear what Takaki is saying because he was still staring at the chest of Takaki which was magnificently muscled.  Did he work out somewhere? A private gym? He then realized that he actually knew nothing about Takaki; he never been interested.

“It makes perfect sense.” Takaki said. “You’re my right hand man. You are the trigger to this whole conference running smoothly. There are things we need to talk about. I need you near me.”

Takaki needs him! Those words penetrated to him. Takaki want him near! Daiki blinked and everything snapped back into place. Don’t let your guard down Daiki! Daiki scolded his self.

“I don’t agree Takaki-san, there’s no need for us to…”

His words were immediately cut off. “Arioka-kun, Daiki, it’s too late to change now. The hotel is full.” Takaki said in as of matter of fact tone. “But if it will make you feel any better, I promise not to intrude your privacy.”

Daiki blushed hard, was Takaki thought of something else? He somehow glared to his boss then marched back to his room.

He needed to be careful. Takaki’s attitude towards him changed as well, Daiki knew that. Takaki never had taken a time to get to know him before. He had been just a secretary who quietly and efficiently kept his office running, but something had happened on the flight over. Takaki keeps on looking at him. If Daiki’s instincts are right he thinks his boss got a very real interest to him now. On the other hand maybe he’s just assuming things. Embarrassment colored his cheeks again, made him wish he hadn’t go to Takaki’s room earlier. It will be a sheer hell to be together with him. After unpacking he stepped under the shower. They would soon be attending a pre-conference dinner where everyone could get to know each other. A supposedly relaxing evening before their work will really start. Daiki’s not concern with that, he’s now troubled by the fact that Takaki Yuya was on the other side of the door.

Was he showering too? Was he standing there naked? Was all that fabulous flesh exposed? All hell let loose as he feel his self getting aroused. Biting his lips, he starts to caressed his body and let his imagination work.

After his initial concerns he had been excited of the thought that he’ll be in Hawaii, but now new fears began to build. He’s now wearing a comfortable suit that matches his beautiful features. He wonders what happened to him that makes him dress like this. To dress as a man that wants to somehow please his boss.

He’s sitting on his bed thinking about Takaki’s action to him recently. He had worked for this guy for almost 12 months and not even a second did the guy look at him, so why was Takaki suddenly got interested to him now? He prayed not to fall to Takaki’s charms or else he don’t know what to do.

His thoughts were interrupted when Takaki knocked on his door.

“Daiki, are you ready?”

Daiki groaned inwardly. “Almost! I’ll be down shortly.”

“I’ll wait for you”

Daiki feels himself in a panicked state. Goosebumps rose on his skin.

“There’s no need. I can find my way down.”

“I want you with me.”

It was a command and Daiki knew Takaki would not go away. He wouldn’t let him in, not now when he’s aroused again. Embarrassing heat attacked him when he thinks about Takaki’s body again.

Hastily now, he decided to calm down. The moment he feels that everything is fine with his body already, he opened the door just the moment when Takaki is about the knock on his door again.  Takaki stood there, eyes fixed on him while he surveyed Daiki from head to toe.

“Is there something wrong?” Daiki asked nervously. “Am I overdressed? Should I change? I really don’t know what to wear.”

“You look stunning! Absolutely stunning.”

Takaki couldn’t take his eyes off him. He doesn’t realize how perfect Daiki was. The complexion of the guys suits his suit. The simpleness of it makes his assistant stunning. He wonders again why Daiki usually hid his self beneath the ugly office clothes. Unless the latter thinks it suits for a correct uniform in his office. He suddenly though that it’s okay for Daiki to wear those ugly suits, he doesn’t want others to see how beautiful Daiki is. He doesn’t want other to go drooling because of his younger assistant. He’s surprised by these mere thought, he suddenly is protective to his PA.

Unfortunately on Daiki’s side the moment he saw his boss again, he felt his heart stopped beating. Takaki Yuya looks more gorgeous in his summer suit but still nothing can beat his semi naked form. What was his thinking?! This is totally not him. Fantasizing about his boss is totally not him. He’s turning into someone he can’t recognize.


After Takaki’s welcoming speech to the other delegates he introduced Daiki.

“Gentleman, may I present to you Arioka Daiki, my personal assistant. The most competent assistant any man could wish for. He’ll be at your disposal for the next few days….for work related reasons only. Anything personal you keep it to yourself.”

Takaki’s last words created expected laughter but Daiki felt embarrassed. He hasn’t dreamed for one moment that his boss would introduce him so publicly, and for Takaki to say those thing, her cheeks burned and he felt on fire.

When the food was served and everyone’s attention was taken Daiki looked at his boss and said quietly. “Did you have to make a joke of me?”

Takaki’s brows rose questioningly. “It wasn’t a joke. It was for your protection. I’ve already seen one or two of the men here eyeing you up.”

“And you think I can’t look after myself?” Daiki was totally embarrassed.

“My apologies.” said Takaki.

Despite Daiki’s concerns, he still enjoyed the evening far more than he expected. He enjoyed meeting the people he had been in touch with, putting faces to names, and all seemed to be going well, until after meal, when everyone mingled and one of the guys from Korea suggested to her that he was more to Takaki Yuya than his PA.

“What makes you think that?” How could that guy even think it, yet alone put it into words? Was everyone thinking the same? Was that why they thought he had made the hands-off statement about earlier?

“I’ve seen the way he looks at you, He‘s like a guard dog on patrol. I just wanted to see if I stood a chance. You are a very stunning man. Any man or woman would give his right arm to go out with you. Takaki-kun is lucky that he already got you.” The guy said.

“No one has got me.” Daiki retorted, widening his eyes. “Takaki Yuya is my boss and that’s all there is to it.”

“Is that so?” the guy asked with a slow smile, and he moved closer. Daiki could feel the latter’s breath on his cheeks.

Daiki took a step back and felt his self bumped into a rock hard chest.

“Is everything all right here?”

Takaki’s voice sounded in Daiki’s ear and he felt the latter’s hand on his waist. The next moment both arms came around him as he was held prisoner in Takaki’s arms. Daiki’s first instinct is to pull away, but knowing it would make a fool of his boss when he’s trying to save him from the other guy’s advances, he made his self relax.

Amazingly, Daiki’s world shifted. He was not aware of anything except the hard strength of his boss’s body, the soft thud of the latter’s heart against his back, and the pounding of his pulse. This was new unexpected feeling for him, he never felt her heart flutter because of someone before.

For a few mind-blowing seconds they were the only people in the room. His heart began its own roller coaster and his mouth grew dry. He could not speak even if he wanted to, so it’s a relief when the other guy backed away from them.

Once he was gone, Daiki struggled to free his self, feeling mortified now by his reaction to Takaki, unable to understand what had come over him. Thank goodness Takaki had no idea that he had been turned on by him again. It would be embarrassing if Takaki knew, if he even suspected it. He put on his most confident face to mask his nervousness.

“I am capable of looking after myself.”

“I’ve no doubt.” Takaki answered calmly, a tiny smile turning up the corners of his mouth. “But Yabu-kun can be very persuasive. He also has a wife at home. I should have warned you that on occasions like a lot of the guys seem to forget they have other commitments, like wives and families.”

Daiki began to realize how little he knew about life. All thanks to his father! But he would learn, and he would learn quickly.

“I’ve seen some of them are already looking at you.” Takaki continued. “And why would they not? You are incredibly gorgeous.”

Daiki couldn’t stop his self but to blush. No one had called him gorgeous before and for it to be his boss!

“It’s kind of you to say so.” Daiki said primly, silently thinking that if he had wear his boring suits he will not be this troubled. “But like I said, I don’t need a body guard.”

“That may be the case.” Takaki admitted. “But surely you’re not going to take away my credit for doing the knight and shining armor thingy?”

Daiki laughed. The first time he had really felt comfortable with him. “For which I thank you, but shouldn’t you be mingling with your colleagues, not worrying about me?”

“But I do worry since this is your first conference. I feel obliged to look after you and I will only mingle if you accompany me.” Takaki looked at Daiki with such determination and Daiki can’t refuse. Daiki was conscious as they stopped and talked to each individual, Takaki’s arms wrapped around his waist.

When Takaki was called away for the moment, Daiki saw his opportunity to escape. He immediately ran away and went to his room. He locked his door afraid that it would burst open and Takaki would walk in. He remembers the things that Takaki had for his past Pas and Daiki’s afraid that Takaki will also do that to him.

The moment Daiki calmed down he realized how stupid he was behaving. Takaki hadn’t said or done anything to make her believe he’s in danger, so was was he panicking? His problem is that he doesn’t know how to handle man or woman. He never has been in a relationship before. He never dated, even one single date.

Daiki got ready for bet and crawled into it but was unable to sleep. His mind was far too active. Too much was going on in it for hin to relax. That Yabu man, for instance and Takaki’s intervention too.

Finally, he heard Takaki’s door open and close, followed by a murmur of his voice. At first he thought someone was with his boss, but then he realized he was talking to someone on his phone.

Daiki’s fertile imagination saw him undressing and he couldn’t stop his self visualizing the hard, strong lines of his body. He even imagined caressing Takaki’s fine abs. How would it feel? Would they be soft or hard? Would he feel Takaki’s heartbeat on his toned chest?

He cut his thoughts, he doesn’t want to feel aroused again or else he’ll be sleepless.

Daiki didn’t know how he fell asleep but somehow he did. He slept well and was woken by his alarm. Feeling conscious now because of the attention he got yesterday, he wears one of his boring suits. Then, as there was plenty of time before breakfast, he went down to the conference room and put out the notes that would be needed during the day.

He didn’t hear Takaki enter, and gave a tiny yelp of alarm when he turned to leave and bumped right into him.

“Steady, Daiki.” And although it wasn’t necessary Takaki’s arms came around him.

Immediately the tantalizing smell of Takaki’s cologne stung Daiki’s nostrils and the crazy sensation from last night came rushing back, threading their way from his throat down to his stomach.

“I’m sorry,” he said huskily at the same time pulling away from him. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Are you afraid of me?” Takaki asked, a frown pulling his brows together.

“Of course not.” Daiki’s reply was instant and he looked straight into Takaki’s eyes. But whether Takaki believed him was another thing. If the truth were known he would not believed his self.

“Good, because we’re going to be spending an awful lot of time together. Have you eaten breakfast yet?” Daiki shook his head. “Then perhaps you will join me and we can go over to today’s agenda.”

They had already gone over it many times, thought Daiki, but refusing didn’t appear to be an option. The dining room was full, and all eyes were turned on them as they made way to Takaki’s table.

Takaki had never come across any man who intrigued him as much as Arioka Daiki did. He couldn’t make up his mind whether the latter was truly innocent as he appeared or he was putting an act.

“We’re two of a kind, do you know that?”

Daiki stopped picking at a croissant and frowned at him. “What makes you say that?”

“It’s simple. We’ve both lost our fathers, we have no siblings, and we’re both career-minded. Maybe my career has taken me on a different path from yours, but you’re very good at what you do, which in my eyes makes you the perfect PA. I wish never to lose you.” And that had to be the truth.

“It’s very kind of you to say so.”

“Do you mind if I ask how long it’s been since your father dies? I gained the impression the other day that his death had hit you hard. My father died when I was just eleven, so I’ve had some time to get used to it.”

Instantly Daiki’s face changed. A mask came over it, and when he spoe his voice become much cooler. Takaki instantly felt Daiki withdrawing from him. “I’d really rather not talk about him, if you don’t mind. My father was…well, he wasn’t very nice man and that’s more than I should have told you. I’m sorry.”

“And I’m sorry that I asked.” Daiki’s confession had stunned Takaki and he wished now he had said nothing. Daiki’s hurt still sounded raw. Maybe one day he would discover exactly what sort of man Daiki’s father had been, but for the time being he needed to bring the conversation round to something pleasant.

“I lived here for a while.” Takaki told him. “It’s a beautiful country. My Mom loves this place”

To his relief a spark of interest brightened Daiki’s eyes. “Does she still live here?”

“Actually, no. She prefers Japan more. She says she likes to be where I am, though some of my cousins got interest to live here.”

“And will you be visiting them after the conference? I’ve never known you take a holiday.”

“I doubt it,” Takaki answered. “My work means far more to me than spending time looking up relatives. How about you? Where do you go when you take your annual leave?”

Daiki shrugged and looks as though he wished Takaki had not asked him that question either. “I stay at home. My mother isn’t well enough to travel.”

Of course. Takaki was forgetting Daiki’s mother illness.

“In that case you have no right to criticize me.” Takaki said, accompanying his words with a smile. Sometimes Daiki looked as though he was afraid of him and he had no idea why. Daiki intrigued him and he felt a very real need to go get to know him better while they were here.


Daiki found the first day of the conference an eye opener. Watching Takaki take command, the respectful interest everyone had in him, the energy that buzzed around the room, somehow amazed him as well. He felt more alive that he had in a long time.

“A very successful first day.” Takaki announced when the meeting broke up. “Thanks to your excellent organizational skills. You’ve done me proud, Daiki, Thank you.”

“I only did what I’m getting paid for.” Daiki blushed.

“And more,” Takaki said, his eyes locking into Daiki. “Remind me to give you a rise when we get back. For now, I think we should get some air before dinner. We need to stretch our legs.”

Daiki was not sure whether this was a command or a suggestion. “I actually thought of relaxing in my room.” The whole day had proved more exhausting than he had expected.

“Nonsense!” Takaki said. “You need fresh air and exercise. It’s either a walk, I could show you the different beach resorts here…” his eyes lit up as he spoke. “Or we could take advantage of the beaches in here. You do swim Daiki?”

Every nerve in Daiki’s body shuddered. The mere thought of seeing all that exposed, bronzed, muscle-packed flesh of Takaki scared him to death. His heart race at the thought.

“I do,” he answered, unaware that his voice is quivering. “But I think I’d prefer to walk. In any case I haven’t packed anything for swimming. I don’t have any idea that swimming is part of the agenda.”

Takaki smiled. “They do have a shop here in the hotel that sells that sort of thing.”

“I’d still rather walk.” Answered Daiki since he wasn’t given the option of going back to his room. Takaki was overpowering him, and he wasn’t giving him anytime for his self. Although he did feel a need to drag some fresh air into his lungs, he could not do that just as easily in the hotel gardens alone.

Daiki found his self chatting with Takaki while walking barefooted on the beach. They went to a mini opera house near the place.

“Do you like Opera?”

“Sometimes,” Daiki admitted. “It depends if I’m in the right mood.”

“And what mood would that be?” Takaki asked, his face facing Daiki’s.

Daiki met those stunning dark eyes, his body flooded with new and different sensations, different emotions that spun her into a whole new world. A world of hunger and desire, a world where there was just Takaki and him. He felt embarrassed by it. This should not be happening.

“When I’m feeling sad.” Daiki admitted to Takaki’s question “I don’t really understand opera, but it somehow helps me. Not that I’ve been to a live performance.”

“Is that so? Then we will have to see whether we can remedy that while we’re here. Watching an opera being performed here us a serious thing.”

Daiki’s alarmed. Attending a concert with Takaki went far beyond anything that was reasonable and sane. “I doubt whether we’ll have time.” And even so Daiki wouldn’t want to go with him. Sit him with him and be alone with him. Even though he wanted to see the show, but he knows he’ll end up watching Takaki. “You have a very full schedule Takaki-san and even if you didn’t, I doubt you’d getting tickets at this last stage. They must be sold out months in advance.”

“Are you trying to get out of it?”

“I am.” There’s no point in lying, Daiki thought.

Takaki laughed at his honesty. “Na-ah-ah, Daiki. Haven’t you realized yet that I always got my own way? And perhaps you could learn to call me Yuya.”

Daiki don’t want this, he can’t allow this first name basis. He’ll be more trapped in Takaki’s world. He doesn’t want to be like the other PAs of Takaki. He can’t let his barriers down more. He turned and walked away.

“You do understand Daiki..” Takaki’s voice came closely over his shoulder. “…that running away tells me more about you than if you stayed and argued.”

Takaki knew that it was not going to be easy getting Arioka Daiki to relax in his company. For a few minutes earlier when they we’re walking on the beach his assistant starts talking nonstop then he suddenly stopped when he’s being close to him.

Takaki wants to know Daiki more. Daiki is a very private person, others were always eager to talk to him, but Daiki is different, he never opened up. He can sense that Daiki is hiding a pain and he want to protect the latter. He want Daiki to feel secured, he want to always wrap his arms around Daiki and held him close.

“I’m not running away.”

Takaki smiled at the hint of lie in Daiki’s voice. “Good, because I want you to relax. I want you to enjoy your time spent here. It’s not all about conference, and since you’ve never been here before you need to experience everything Hawaii have to offer, of course together with me.”

“It’s really kind of you Taka..er..Yuya, but your schedule is full.”

“As you constantly remind me.” Takaki grinned as he spoke, sensing how difficult for Daiki to call him using his first name. he saw Daiki pouted his lips and he’s glad he’s still sane enough to control his self from this temptation. He wants to taste that delicious lips and claim it for himself but he knew that to do so the latter will be afraid of him. Arioka Daiki was without a doubt the most intriguing person he had ever come across and he will do anything to remove the barriers that Daiki created.

“I actually think we should get back.” Said Daiki, looking at his watch. “Dinner will be in an hour and I need to shower and..”

“You’re right, of course.” Said Takaki. He hadn’t give up about the tour and opera yet. He wants to be with Daiki, to feel his presence beside him, to smell his natural fragrance that makes him addicted. He’d been with a lot of women and men before, dating them and having sex with them. Daiki is different, he makes him go crazy with the mere thought of holding him and kissing his plumps lips. He will do everything to let Daiki surrender to him.

(A/N) One of the longest chapter, more than 4000 words >_< Didn’t proofread this so forgive my mistakes.

Please give your comment about this. I would like to read them. J

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