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28 January 2013 @ 06:25 pm
Commitment Chapter 1/12  
Title: Commitment Chapter 1/12
Pairing: TaDaiki
Genre: Fluff,Angst 
Rating: PG-13 for now

Summary: Arioka Daiki has been Takaki Yuya's secretary for almost a year. He prides to his self on keeping their relationship purely professional until a business trip to Hawaii proves to be for his undoing. The heat of the sun strokes the flames of passion, and Daiki can't resist his boss. But one night they got a shocking news, Arioka Daiki, a male, got pregnant.


nbsp;          This was unbelievable opportunity, thought Daiki. Going to Hawaii with his hot boss in Hawaii is every woman and man dream. He would like it to be his, but sadly, it wasn't. It will never be.

Takaki Yuya was aggressively handsome, with well built body, tan skin tone and tall figure that everyone wants to have him as their lover, unfortunately for Daiki he's also attracted. According to the gossip around their company his boss was divorce and sworn never to get married again, but it doesn't mean he'll never had a girlfriend or boyfriend again, he got plenty of them. He likes to take a good look of every beautiful creature that caught his attention, but not Daiki. Daiki did not want him to notice him, and always tried his best to make his self invisible by wearing dark classical suits and thick eyeglasses but behind those are an adorable chubby cheeked, short and cute features. He permed his hair every morning even though his hair is silky smooth and gorgeous, but there's no way he'll let Takaki see that, to see how good looking he is.

The fact that Takaki never gave him a second look told him that all his efforts to hide his appearance did work. Daiki is intelligent, graduated as magna in his college and he do his job well, he knows his boss is satisfied with his work but the very thought of joining him in Hawaii make him unease. It was impossible! He'll decline it and yet how will he tell him? What if he insisted? What if he said this is part of his job?

Daiki was very fortunate when he got this job as the personal assistant of Takaki Yuya, head of Takaki Corporation, a worldwide organization whose head office was in Tokyo. The agency had lined up a girl for the position, but she had fell ill at the last minute and Daiki had been sent in her place. The first time Daiki had set eyes to Takaki he felt his heart beating fast. Never ever in his life he felt something like it. This feeling is entirely alien to him and it unnerved him greatly. He never kissed anyone, never been in a relationship and his father had seen to that! And even though his domineering father was no longer alive his presence still hung over him.

Not that Takaki will be interested to him. He's a man, he's not a woman who got large breast and amazing ass. He's just an ordinary chubby cheeked man, no woman or man looked at her twice, but he was the luckiest when he got the job. It had come at just the right time.

“It's not a problem for you, is it?” Takaki was surprised that Daiki did not look excited. He had not said that he did not want to go, but the look in his eyes is hesitant. Their yearly convention was an opportunity every one of his other personal assistant had jumped in. He got to admit that Daiki is different, and he hadn't been desperate after his last assistant left he would perhaps not have hired him. He liked beautiful women around him and Daiki is a man and he made no effort to look good but he had come with good references and he was damned good at his job. He needs him in Hawaii, he had dealt with every aspect of their conference, he had practically organized it his self, he exactly what the agenda was. Takaki was going to make sure that Daiki will go with him no matter what excuse he came up with.

Daiki looked extremely nervous, he accidentally removed his glasses and it causes Takaki to see his chubby rosy cheeks. This makes Takaki intrigued with the guy.

“Are you going out tonight Arioka-kun?” Takaki had no idea what had prompted the question. But it suddenly seemed important for him to know.

“Is the question relevant Takaki-san?”

It was not the answer that Takaki expected and it amused him. He even thought he heard fire in his assistant's voice, and there was certainly a spark in his brown eyes. Something else he doesn't notice before, they were totally amazing when he widened them, when his long silky flashes fluttered as he waited for his reply. This new and interesting side of his PA that he wants to explore.

Despite that thought it didn't please him that Daiki is not agreeing to his wishes.

“If I'm holding you up then perhaps we can have our little talk another time?”

“You're not holding me up.” Daiki did his best to ignore the sarcasm he had injected in his voice. “But there really is nothing to talk about. I can't join you in Hawaii, it's as simple at that. I'm sorry.” He held his breath as he waited for the response of his boss. He thinks that no one said no to Takaki before. Takaki Yuya was law after all, he was the successful owner of one of the largest IT solution companies in the world.

Daiki made Takaki astonished. A deep frown grooved his brow and narrowed his single lidded eyes. “There is no such word as can't in my voculary Arioka-kun, I'm sure you've worked for me long enough to know that.”

Of course Daiki knows it, but his priorities were equally important. He simply couldn't leave his mother even for a few nights. It would be dangerous.  “I-I appreciate what you are saying, but I do have a life outside work and...”

“And that life is so important to you that you cannot dedicate yourself to your job?”

Daiki quivered at the harshness. “Takaki-san, I don't think you can say that I don't do my job properly.” He had worked late so many times that he sometimes felt he spent more time at work than he did at home.

“Maybe not, In fact you're very good.” Takaki admitted. “So who is it that has priority of your time? A girlfriend perhaps?”

Daiki knew he would not rest until he told him the truth, or as much of it as he cared to reveal. “If you must know, I look after my mother. She cannot manage without me.” He prayed that he would not try to pry any deeper into it.

“And there's no one else who can look after her? No other family member?”

'Would I be talking like this if there was' Daiki was tempted to say but not. “I'm an only child and my father's dead” He felt his heard pound as he waited for his reponse.

Takaki brows lifted fractionally and Daiki noticed it. “I see, that is unfortunate, I am sorry. What is wrong with your mother?”

“It's her health” Daiki answered “It's not good, she depends on me.”

“And you are sure that there is no one who could possibly keep an eye out for her?”

Daiki hesitated, there was her aunt who always said that she would love to have them anytime. He hesitated too long and Takaki seized the opportunity, his eyes narrowing on Daiki's face. “ I can see from your expression that there's someone.”

Daiki bites his lips and nodded. “Actually, there's my aunt. I will ask her.”

“Then do that tonight Arioka-kun and if the answer is no then I'll personally hire a nurse.”

Meaning that Takaki intended him to go to Hawaii with him whether he wanted to or not. Daiki wasn't sure whether to feel annoyed or flattered, it was impossible to decide between the two. Daiki hadn't told Takaki the whole truth when he said that he couldn't leave his mother because of her health. It's far more than that but it's not Takaki's business and he had no intention of talking about it.

“I’ll see what my aunt says. Is that all Takaki-san?” Daiki kept his eyes level on his to look more confident than he felt. He didn't want his boos to know how fearful it is to leave his mother.

“That's all.” Daiki bent his head down to continue his work.


“Of course I'll stay with your Aunt Keiko, she'll love me there, she'll let me stay as long as I like” Daiki's mother said.

“It will only for a few days.” Daiki assured her. “I would get out of it if I could but Takaki-san is adamant that he needs me.”

“you worry too much about me, my darling. The change in environment will do me good.” Daiki's mother smiled tiredly to him.

“Of course I worry” Daiki insisted. “I have every reason to. You don't think he'll find out where you are?”

“you mean the rat that is hounding us for money? Your father certainly didn't do us any favors, did he? But it's unfair that you should have to shoulder the burden. Why all your hard earned cash should..”

“I don't care of that as long as you're all right.” Daiki insisted.

“I'll be safe at Keiko's.” His mother assured him. “It's you I'm thinking about. It will do you good to go away.”

“You're making it sound like a holiday. It won't be, I assure you. Takaki-san would properly work my fingers to the bone.” The mere thought of going, of being with him is not his idea of fun.

“He just realized your true potential, I bet you're the best PA he ever had.” Daiki shrugged and smiled, but he didn't tell his mother that Takaki Yuya had implied that as well.


“Where are the others?”

Takaki had sent a car for Daiki and met her ar a small private airfield and as he step up to his private jet he expected the other managers to be already on the board. Instead empty. The engines were running, they were ready for takeoff and there were only two of them!

“They've gone on ahead. I thought we could use the time to talk. You have worked for me for almost a year yet you're a mystery to me.” Takaki smile told her that he had planned this all along. The smile is reassuring, but it still alarms Daiki. A one-to-one with Takaki Yuya was the last thing that he wanted. He couldn’t understand why the guy was taking this sudden interest to him unless there was something he was after. Rumor had it that the last two PAs who had gone with him on trips had resigned after they come back. It is also rumored that Takaki had an affairs with them while they’re on the trip. Daiki needs to put a shield with him while they’re on the trip, he will not risk to put his guard down.

He was now sitting beside Takaki in the luxurious jet with deep comfortable seats, not that he would have expected anything less to his wealthy boss. Being alone with her boss made everything around him insignificance, Takaki Yuya’s aura outdone the luxurious aura of the jet. It felt like they’re the only people in the universe. Which Daiki think is ridiculous, but how could he help it? He had never found his self in a situation like this before.

Thankfully, they had a stewardess who was prepared to attend to their every need. The stewardess later became invisible when Takaki opens his laptop and leans to him to see if he’s comfortable. He can smell the scent of Takaki, that manly and seductive scent. Breathing him was like taking a drug; it settled in every part of his body, making him feel more alive than she ever had in her life!

What’s happening to him? In all the time he had worked for him he had never felt this. On the other hand he had never been completely alone with him. Not this alone. It was different in his office, the whole atmosphere was different, and he felt awkward now, unsure of his self.

“You have nothing to fear Arioka-kun, or may I call you Daiki? It’s a nice name it’s a shame not to use it”

A nice name! No one had ever said that to him before. A further shiver of awareness ran through him.

“We cannot live together and not be on the first name terms.”

“What do you mean live together?” Daiki asked quickly and sharply, feeling his heart give a giant leap.

“A figure of speech.” Takaki answered with a lazy shrug and smile.

A dangerous smile, Daiki thought

“I’m talking about the hotel.”

“Of course” Daiki answered faintly, hoping that his room is far away from Takaki as possible. He had booked the whole top two floors but had not been able to separate who will stayed in which room. They would be assigning on their arrival except Takaki, he always stayed in an executive suite.

“I’m glad you’re not wearing one of those terrible suits today.”

Daiki felt his cheeks became red. He had packed two of his work suits, but had relaxed his own rules this morning and put on jeans and a blue shirt with a white cardigan, it made him more alive and vibrant and cute. He didn’t perm his hair because he’s going to be late. Takaki on the other hand is wearing an ivory linen suit which contrasted against the tanned darkness of his skin making him look more handsome than he already is.

“Why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself?” Takaki suggested.

This makes Daiki shivered, he felt dangerous. “What is there to tell that you don’t already know?”

“I know nothing,” Takaki said, “except that you apparently spend most of your time looking after your mother instead of going out and enjoying yourself. It’s very creditable, of course, but I’m sure she would be the first to agree that you need a life of your own.”

“ I am not unhappy doing what I do since my father died she has no one, why shouldn’t I spend my time with her?” Daiki’s voice rose defensively without him even realizing it.

“ I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t, but you should maintain a balance too. You’re like me, an only child, so at least we have something in common. What was your childhood like? Did you have lots of friends when you were younger or have you always been a stay at home guy?”

“Pretty much” Daiki admitted.

“Did you have a happy childhood? What was your father like?”

“Why all the questions?” Daiki snapped. Takaki had touched a raw spot in him, there’s no way he’ll tell him how rotten his father was and how he kept on bringing problems even though he’s dead. “I thought we’re going to tackle the conference notes” Daiki inched away from him, curling his self in the corner, unconsciously using the defensive posture he had always adopted when his father threatened him.

“You’re right it should be business” Takaki’s eyes narrowed but he couldn’t help wondering why Daiki doesn’t want to talk about his self or his father. Perhaps he had loved him so much that he found the loss painful? Daiki intrigued him, overnight he turned from an ugly duckling to a swan, making him drool, wait! He’s guy, is swan applicable for guys too? Anyway, Takaki had not wanted to take his eyes of Daiki. He’s interested to see what Daiki in normal clothes more.

He opened his laptop again, staring at the screen without truly seeing it. All he could see is Daiki, the intriguingly, surprisingly, cute Daiki. He could not understand why Daiki hides his beautiful features, his nose with a delightful little curve at the tip, amazing brown eyes, and kissable lips. They all begged to be explored.

Daiki was glad that Takaki had stopped asking questions. He began to feel suffocated because of the rapid beat of his heart caused by a surprising and unwanted attraction to his boss. His father had banned him from having a relationship. This was the very first time someone shows interest to him.

When finally Takaki began concentrating on the screen in front of him, Daiki allowed his head to drop back and closed his eyes. It was not easy ignoring Takaki not when the latter scent’s teased Daiki’s nostril, not when their legs are just inches apart, not when he knows Takaki’s eyes is on him not on his laptop.

Daiki didn’t know how he managed to fell asleep but he was now being awaken bu Takaki’s light touch on his shoulder as he told him they are about to land and Daiki needs to put his seat belt.

Embarrassed now, Daiki moved to his original sit and sat rigidly upright. Takaki on the other hand was totally relaxed, a smile turning up the corners of his lips. Daiki wondered if Takaki watched him sleep, Daiki blushed just with that mere thought. Did he snore?

“I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.” Daiki said quietly.

“And very beautifully too, it’s quite something. Your head resting on my shoulder, my usually prim and proper assistant behaving normal for once.”

Alarm raced through Daiki. His head on his boss shoulder! His heart went wild. “I really am sorry”

“No need to apologize, it was my pleasure.” Takaki said, shaking his head.

“It was very rude of me” Daiki sat up even straighter because of the embarrassment. “I didn’t sleep very well last night that must be why.”

“Was it the thought of joining me today makes you awake?” Takaki’s eyes met Daiki’s and it makes the little assistant shiver. There was something in the tone of his voice that alarmed him.

It was wrong to judge all people by his father but his mother told him to be careful, that people were not always what they seemed to be. All Daiki knows about Takaki is his legend, there was no way he will be part of that.

But how to answer Takaki’s question? “It was the thought of that this will be my first time in Hawaii.” He said and it’s not a lie even though he got more reasons why.

“Then I will enjoy improving your education, showing you to places that you only read or perhaps watch on tv.”

“Takaki-san.” Daiki put on his most professional demenour. “I am sure we will not have time for sight-seeing. You have a very full schedule.”

Takaki smiled charmingly. “There’s always time for enjoyment, Daiki~”

A/N Unlike my other fics who are still pending in my brain, this one will be finish within two weeks. I’ll update every day, I promise J

So, do you like it? This is base from the book I recently read and I suddenly though of TaDaiki J

Will post also new NC-17 and NC-21 fics soon~

Will love reading your views for this fic J

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Fhaymysteriousgal11 on January 28th, 2013 01:12 pm (UTC)
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brnytbrnyt on January 28th, 2013 01:56 pm (UTC)
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Yes :)
I think it's the setting that's why it's kinda similar to fifty shades~
brnytbrnyt on January 29th, 2013 01:51 pm (UTC)
AND DAIKI oh myyy <3
Fhaymysteriousgal11 on January 29th, 2013 02:26 pm (UTC)
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Actually I got a TaDaiki fic inspired by Fifty Shades though it's a different story~ :3
brnytbrnyt on February 1st, 2013 02:39 am (UTC)
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