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05 March 2013 @ 05:26 pm
Commitment [Chapter 8/12]  
Title: Commitment Chapter 8/12
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TaDaiki
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Arioka Daiki has been Takaki Yuya's secretary for almost a year. He prides to his self on keeping their relationship purely professional until a business trip to Hawaii proves to be for his undoing. The heat of the sun strokes the flames of passion, and Daiki can't resist his boss. But one night they got a shocking news, Arioka Daiki, a male, got pregnant.

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Chapter 8

                            Daiki stared at the thing in his hand, refusing to believe his eyes. This was not right. It couldn’t be true reading, but it was. He was a guy, and how come? He thought all the signs are just his imaginations. The thing in his hand can’t lie and he had known it without the test. It had just confirmed his assumptions. He slumped down on the edge of the bed, suddenly feeling afraid. He was pregnant.

                            How it had happened, he had no idea. Takaki had always been so careful. His heartbeat goes faster. A baby! A baby who would take time and money. How could she clothe and feed the baby when already almost every penny of what he earned went towards paying off their debts?

                            Please, Kami-sama, don’t let this be real, he prayed. Don’t let this be happening, but the truth was there in front of him. Nothing could be more real.

                            Takaki would not want to be tied with a child, hadn’t the latter told him that he had no intention of playing happy families? He could imagine Takaki when he did confess. He might even blame him. Wasn’t that what men did? Some did anyway, at least.

                            Takaki might even suggest paying for an abortion, although he really had no idea what the thought on the matter were. Even thinking about it was enough to feel him with horror. Then he shook his head. No, he wouldn’t want that, and neither would he, no matter how hard things got.

                            What he really should be thinking about was how he was going to cope with this. Once he leaves work he could see no way out of their financial difficulties except to move away, somewhere the loan shark couldn’t find them. Otherwise how could he provide for a baby when he was                             sucking all their money for them?

                            Tears raced down his cheeks as he sat there looking at the evidence, willing it to change but no power on earth could do that. He had faced the fact that he was to become a parent, with all the complications involved.

                            How could he tell his own mother, even? How could he admit that he had got them into deeper trouble? The future looked bad for them. Even if they moved and escaped the claws of the money lender they had no savings to fall back on. It didn’t look well for the future.

                            He waited until Friday to tell Takaki the news. It had become a habit for him to go to his house for dinner. Takaki tried to persuade him to stay the weekend but he never did, insisting that he couldn’t leave his parent. Always, they ended up in bed, and it would be very late when he got home.

                            This evening Daiki felt nervous, and began toying with his food. Takaki was not going to be happy, that’s a certain fact. He felt sure that he didn’t see him a permanent being in the latter’s life. Should she get out of here now and say nothing? Except that a few months down the line the latter would notice anyway. There would be no hiding the fact that he was pregnant.

                            “Is something wrong?” A frown and concern etch Takaki’s face. “You’ve been chasing that piece of chicken around your plate for the last five minutes. Do you think you’re coming down with something?”

                            Finally Daiki looked at him and made himself smile, ignoring the butterflies creating a havoc in his stomach, trying to look natural and joyful as possible. Perhaps if he looked happy the latter would be happy.

                            “I have some news for you.”

                            “Go ahead.” Takaki smiled expectantly.

                            It was now or never. “I’m … pregnant, Yuya.” There was no other way he could say it. No way to cushion the blow. “I’m having your baby.”

                            But Takaki didn’t look happy. Daiki had been hoping for too much. The latter’s expression was one of total disbelief and his eyes fixed firmly on his face, making him shiver inside.

                            “You can’t be.”

                            “I think I should know whether I’m pregnant or not,” Daiki said, trying his hardest to ignore Takaki’s reaction. It was a shock for the latter, the same as it had been for him. Takaki needed a few minute to let it sink in. HE prayed this was the case.”I’m definitely having your child, Yuya”

                            His heart stopped beating as he waited for Takaki’s response, and he didn’t like what he saw. A frown drew Takaki’s brows together in a hard, straight line, narrowing his eyes, and he looked at him as though he was a complete stranger telling him something he didn’t want to hear.  There was none of the compassion and warmth that had been there a few seconds ago. Nothing but stone-cold disbelief.

                            “Tell me this isn’t true.” Takaki’s eyes were dangerous.

                            Daiki’s stomach began to ache. It was almost as though Takaki was saying that he didn’t want their child, which would be the cruelest thing in the world. Too cruel to even think. He knew that the latter had been hurt in the past, cheated by his wife, but even so…

                            “I’ve done a test.” He said, quietly but firmly, keeping his eyes level despite the ache he’s feeling. “I’m definitely pregnant.”

                            “But you’re a guy Daiki! It didn’t even make sense.”

                            “I don’t understand it also, but the baby’s really here.” Daiki touched his stomach.

                            Daiki heard the breath hiss out of Takaki’s body as the latter turned away to look out of the window. He saw the tenseness in the latter’s shoulder and he knew that he had to say something to ease the situatin, but the fact remained that he was carrying Takaki’s child, and there was nothing either of them could do to change it.

                            “Are you certain that it’s mine?”

                            Before Daiki could answer, the latter turned around, and Daiki was shocked by the anger from Takaki’s eyes. “Of course I am.”

                            Daiki jaw doped and he stared at Takaki in disbelief. “How can you even suggest that I might have been someone else? You have taught me everything I know about relationships, about trust, about making love.”

                            “Love?” Takaki tossed the word into the air as though it didn’t exist. “I don’t believe in love, not anymore. We had sex, a very good sex.”

                            Although Daiki knew where Takaki was coming from, his harsh words still hurt. “I’m not Yuri, Yuya.” He kept his voice soft and calm.It was difficult to face this kind of things. “I can promise you I’ve been with no other man.”

                            “I saw you in the arms of someone else.”

                            Takaki’s eyes had become scarier and Daiki continues to shiver. “And I told you who he was. Why would I want anu other man when I have you?” It was hard to believe that Takaki thought he was capable of going behind his back. He was not like the latter’s ex-wife, he would never, ever do anything like that. Surely Takaki knew that? Surely he knew him well enough by now?

                            Daiki felt as though his whole world, his new and beautiful world was being destroyed. Everything they had built up together being destroyed because Takaki couldn’t accept that he was pregnant with his child. Did the latter think he was happy about it?

                            It was struggle to breath. Had it been Takaki’s intention all along to have fun at his expense and then drop him as he had all the other peoplein his life? And now that he had announced he was pregnant it had put a whole different meaning to things.

                            Takaki thought him more about himself that he would ever discovered if he had not been with him. The latter made him believe in himself. He had finally become a confident person and now Takaki was throwing it all back to his face. His father had been right, he was a worthless creature. He had sold his body and for what? The only way now was to fall down.

                            His tears finally came, and he swung away so that Takaki wouldn’t see. He didn’t want the latter accusing him of turning them on so that the latter would pity on him. Pity was the last thing he needed. What he wanted was for Takaki to accept that they were having a baby. He wanted Takaki to comfort him and assure him that he would look after him. He needed Takaki, He didn’t want to go through this alone.

                            Takaki’s mind was in confusion. He didn’t want children. Love and marriage and the whole family thing were not for him. He had tried marriage once and it hadn’t worked. He didn’t want to do it again. He had sworn he would never do it again.

                            He closed his eyes. Something had gone terribly wrong and he needed time to think about it. His whole world was spinning out of control and he was clinging on for his dear life. It was hard to get his head round with what Daiki had just told him. He wanted to be alone.

                            “We’ll talk about this again later,” he said, trying to remain calm while inside he’s in a wild storm.  It would be best if you left now.” He spoke and seconds later Daiki was being driven away.

                            The hurt in Daiki’s remained with him. Drawing in a deep breath, trying to wipe the picture from his mind, Takaki poured himself a large glass f beer and sat down. He would be very pathetic individual if he didn’t accept that Daiki was telling the truth. Daiki was so very different from any other people he had gone out with, and nothing at all like Yuri. And yet he had questioned whether the baby was his.

                            It had been a gut reaction. The very thought of being a father scared him. His mother told him, son years after his father’s death, the she would have liked more children, but her husband had been against it. He’d actually not wanted Yuya in the first place, although he had loved him once he was born.

                            And since Takaki was never happier than when he was working, he often felt that he was following in his father’s footsteps. But if it’s true and Daiki was expecting his baby then everything would change. This did not make him happier. He needed time to think.

                            He had been thrown by the dramatic change in Daiki in Hawaii, the latter had penetrated him deep down. Daiki had turned into a swan almost just one night. He had watched the latter develop and mature and take pride, and he had felt something grow within himself too.

                            And now in an instant, whatever it was that had been developing inside him, whether it was .ove or infatuation of some kind, had dealt him a body blow. He hated himself for doubting Daiki, for questioning his relationship with the man he had seen him with and he blamed Yuri for making him like that.

                            Or was it his own take on the whole baby thing that was refusing to let him accept that he was about to become a father?

                            A few beers later, he was still thinking about his problem.

                            Daiki wished that he had stuck to his old self and not gone to Hawaii then none of this would have happened.

                            Life was cruel. It had been hard when his father was alive, and even afterwards with the debts he had left them, but this was worse! Having Takaki believe, if only briefly, that he would trick him into thinking that another baby’s man was his, had created the deepest darkest fear he had ever experienced.

                            Even when his father had hit him, he hadn’t felt like this. He had cowered away and run to hide, but he had not felt as though his world was coming to an end. This was all his fault and he deserved it, that was what he thought.

                            But he didn’t deserve this!

                            The moment Daiki walked into the house his mother asked what’s wrong. He thought of saying nothing, but his mother was not stupid and she would have to know the truth sooner. There were mostly traces of tears onhis chubby cheeks even though he did try his best to wipe them.

                            “I think my relationship with Yuya is over.”

                            His mother said nothing, waiting for him to explain.

                            Seeing the sympathy on his mother’s eyes cause him to lose all his composure. Tears filled his eyes and rolled down to his beautiful face. “He sent me home.”

                            His mother still remained silent, holding out his arms instead. Daiki walked into them, feeling like a child once again, when his mother’s kisses had always made things better. Not that they would this time. Nothing could make him feels better.

                            “I’m pregnant Okaa-san, with his baby, and he’s not happy about it.”

                            This did have his mother snapping to attention.

                            “You’re pregnant?” and her eyes was very much like Daiki’s, widened in dismayed surprise.

                            Daiki nodded, his misery obvious in his face. “Whatever you do, please don’t judge me. I didn’t mean it to happen. We’ve always been careful. I’m also a guy. I don’t know how it happened, but it has.”

                            His mother stroked his hair and looked sadly into his face. “I won’t confess I’m not shocked, but it’s the end of the world, my darling. Takaki-kun must be in shock too, you’ll see. He’s a good man.”

                            “I wish I could be as sure as you.”

                            “Men are strange creatures, you know that, you’re one too.” Said his mother. “Look at your father.”

                            Daiki didn’t want to think about his father. “I thought Yuya was different.” He moved away, walking to the other side of the room.

                            “He’s the only person I’ve ever comfortable with, the only one I’ve ever trusted beside you. He brought me to life. He made me feel good about myself. But he’s no different to the rest.”

                            His mother’s eyes widened again. I’m sure that’s not true. It’s my guess in a few days time, he’ll accept it. He can’t turn his back on you, not when he’s the father of my grandchild.”

                            “He even questioned whether he was the father.” He might as well tell her the truth.

                            His mother’s eyes cause curiosity as she frown. “But if you’re not out with him you’re always home. Why would he think that?”

                            “He did see me with someone.” Daiki admitted.

                            Confusin clouded her eyes. “Who? A work colleague?”

                            Daiki shook his head and remained silent, but his mother wouldn’t let it go. “Then who?”

                            “The loan shark.”


                            “Yes, outside the house one evening. He was threatening me. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to alarm you. Yuya saw him from a distance and thought we’re kissing. I…Okaa-san!!” He went to his mother immediately when she suddenly slumped on the chair clutching her chest tightly.

                            What followed afterwards was like a nightmare. The ambulance. The hospital. The waiting. Daiki blamed himself. He should never have mentioned that horrible man. He was his mother’s worst enemy. Pure evil. The one who ruined their lives. [A/N: I love you Keito LOL]

                             He spent all night at the hospital, worrying himself sick, feeling better only when his mother was declared out of danger. A suspected heart attack was ruled out, but Daiki was told that his mother needed to rest and be kept calm, because of her weak heart an attack in the future was not impossible.

                            A day later, his mother was allowed home. She looked pale and needed to rest, but insisted that Daiki didn’t take any time off work.

                            “I’ll be all right. If you don’t go Takaki-kun will think you’re staying away from him, because you’re scared.”

                            “Of Yuya? Never!” he declared fiercely. He was fearful of his mother’s health, but his mother is right, he need to go.

                            The two of them never mentioned the loan that they have. Daiki is so guilty. He didn’t know his mother will react like that.

                            He arranged for a neighbor to sit with his mother while he went work on Monday, and it was a relief to discover that Takaki was absent, although he knew that he had been in earlier because he had left him a whole list of instructions. His heart which had benen beating fast, quickly calmed.

                            It was almost the end of the day when Takaki returned and he was summoned to his office. Daiki kept his chin high and his eyes are brave.

                            “Sit down.” Takaki said roughly when Daiki remained standing in front of his desk.

                            Daiki sat Glad to do so because his legs is in danger of collapsing. There was something about Takaki’s expression that sent ice to him. A few short weeks ago, their relationship is so awesome and now he had n idea what his future held.

A/N: Evil Keito~ bwahahahahahaha~  okay next chappie~
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alois_trancyalois_trancy on March 6th, 2013 02:51 pm (UTC)
awww....yuyaa! u should be happy for daichan preggy
reira_ariokareira_arioka on March 6th, 2013 03:58 pm (UTC)
I Hate Yuuyan in this chappie :'(
#hug Daichan

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