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04 March 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Commitment [Chapter 6/12 Part 2]  
Title: Commitment Chapter 6/12 Part 2
Author: [info]mysteriousgal11
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TaDaiki
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Arioka Daiki has been Takaki Yuya's secretary for almost a year. He prides to his self on keeping their relationship purely professional until a business trip to Hawaii proves to be for his undoing. The heat of the sun strokes the flames of passion, and Daiki can't resist his boss. But one night they got a shocking news, Arioka Daiki, a male, got pregnant.

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Chapter 6
Part 2

When Daiki got to his aunt's house and saw the state of his mother, he was glad that he hadn't let Takaki bring him.

His Aunt Keiko wants them to go to the police, but his mother was hesitant. “I'll be all right now Daiki's home.” she kept saying. And when later the same day they returned to their own house, she indeed look well again.

Daiki knew that his mother was frightened but he wondered whether part of her reaction was simply because Daiki hand't be around to rely on. An ache filled Daiki's heart. For the first time ever he felt that he was being held back from a life that could be a whole lot better. He had experienced that life, had tasted a little bit of heaven and unfortunately that was all of it was ever going to be. One taste! A taste that would have to last him a lifetime.

Not that he'd truly expected anything more from Takaki, but his brief experience of life on the other side meant that it would be hard going back.

His mother, once she was settled and comfortable, naturally wanted to know all about his time away. Although Daiki had no intention of telling her what had taken place bettween him and Takaki, he couldn't hide the light in his eyes or the bloom in his skin as he spoke about his time in Hawaii.

“Tell me to mind my own business, but it looks to me as though something happened while you were there. You look as though you've fallen in love, Daiki!”

In love! Bright color flooded Daiki's chubby cheeks.

“I'm not in love Okaa-san. I'm never going to fall in love.”

“But something happened, right?”

There was no hiding it. Daiki shrugged, trying to give the impression that it was nothing when actually it meant everything to her.

“I did have a romantic...experience.”

Her mother smiled, suddenly looking happier than Daiki had seen her in a long time.

“I knew it. Who is she? Are you going to see her again?”

Aware that his mother would not rest until she knew the truth, Daiki took a deep breath and let it go slowly.

“It's a he and it was my boss.”

“Takaki Yuya?” Shock registered on his mother's face. “Was that wise my darling? Doesn't he have a terrible reputation?”

“I guess”

“And are you going to continue this affair?”

“Of course not,” Daiki answered. “I don't want the whole office to know it. It was just a holiday romance. A fling.”

His mother looked at him wisely. “You're not into flings Daiki. I hope he doesn't hurt you.”

“Yuya won't so that,” he declared defensively. “We've reached an understanding.”

At least he was assuming they had. They hadn't actually talked about it, but he couldn't see Takaki wanting to continue their affair now they were back. It had been exciting while it lasted, more than exciting. It had been an intense sexual experience, but he had resigned himself to the fact that was all it was.

It was with excitement, after spending weekend at home that he turned up for work on Modany morning. Takaki looked both surprised and pleased to see him when he walked into his office.

“How's your mother?” were Takaki's first words. “I wasn't sure that you'd be in today.”

“She's much better, thank you.” And he's all right too, now that he had seen Takaki. One look into Takaki's face and he felt like a real person again. What he would have liked was Takaki's arms around him, the strong, reassuring heart beat of him to his.

“Are you sure?”

“Perfectly sure. Once we got home, she was fine.”

“I didn't realized you were back in your own house or I would have come to see you. I had no idea where you were. I've been worried, Daiki.”

“That's very kind of you, Takaki-san.”

“Takaki-san?” Takaki frowned. “What is this?” And then his face cleared. “It's because we're at work, isn't it? You want to keep up appearances? Don't you think it might be a little difficult?”

“I wasn't even sure whether I still had a job. I know you said that you never wanted to lose me, but...”

“Daiki!” Takaki's eyes widened in astonishment. “What ever gave you that idea? I would be lost without you.”

For some reason Takaki hadn't been able to help thinking about the gossip that had flown around the office before him and Takaki's trips. It had been common knowledge that Takaki's relationship with women and men were flyinga round the office. His thoughts must have shown in his face.

“Ah! Let me guess. You've heard that two of my previous Pas left after their respective conference? And you, my innocent Daiki, like everyone else, put two and two together and decided I'd bedded them and then dismissed the? The rumor amused me, but for your information, it was the strain of working for me that they can't cope up with everything.”

Daiki felt his usual blush coming on.

“And even in those dreadful clothes you're still sexy. I think I might struggle to keep my hands off you. You are both prim and desirable at the same time.”

“You flatter me, Takaki-san.” Daiki had gone back to his normal dark suit, with boring looks. “But what happened between us in Hawaii should be forgotten. I work for you, Takaki-san. Let's leave it at that.” They were the hardest words that Daiki ever had to say, but he truly believed that it would be for the best. “Shall we start work?”

Continuing to see Takaki would mean involving around him in his own family matter. He felt a very real need to keep his private life and business seperately.

Both Takaki's disbelief in what he's hearing and his displeasure that Daiki was actually saying these words were very clear in his eyes. “Can you really tell me, Daiki, that you can stand there and look at me and feel nothing? Are you saying that even at this moment you don't feel a rising of the hunger we both felt?”

Daiki took a deep breath. “Of course I feel it, but I choose to ignore it and by doing so it will go away.”

“And if it doesn't?”

“Takaki-san, you must realize that an office affair is not what I want. I should never have led you to believe that I would be okay with this kind of thing.” Daiki felt extreme heat even saying those words. It curled around his stomach and made him feel ill. He had been foolish, very foolish.If word got out, every person in every department in the building would know . He would be talked about. Speculations will be made and there would be no getting away from it. He would be a laughing stock. Another woman sucked in by the great Takaki Yuya.

The idea made his stomach clench, and he knew already that he wouldn't be able to take being the center of office gossip. He might even have to leave because of that. And if he left, he got no ,oney to pay the debt collector. He let his thoughts go no further, they were far too distubring.

Takaki's dark eyes met Daiki's, and although Daiki wanted to, he couldn't look away. There was something mesmerizing in them and he could actually feel himself being pulled back into that space he had inhabited for the last few days. A few days of pleasure, a few days to last in the rest of his life.

“Will you do the honor of dining to me tonight?”

Daiki's heart quickened its beat and he took a step back though still his eyes were locked into Takaki. “Have you not heard a word I've said? I can't carry on an affair with you. Not right here under the noses of your staffs.”

“So, our affair...it was all right while we were where no one knew you?”

“I lost my head.” Daiki admitted. He had actually done more than that. He had lost his virginity. “I let the magic of Hawaii carry me away. But I've come to my senses and...”

His words were cut off when Takaki swiftly closed the space between them and slid his arms around him. The next second the latter's mouth was on him and every sane thought fled. How could he fight when instant desire flared? When his body responded? It was both crazy and beautiful at the same time.

It was not until Takaki had thoroughly kissed him and was satisfied that he would no longer deny him what he wanted that Takaki let him go.

“You lost your head in most delightful way. You can't deny that you want me, as much as I want you. I'll do my best to keep my hands off while we're at work, though I can't entirely promise. You're an incredible person, do you know that? You're refreshing different. Again I ask myself why I never noticed you before.”

“Because you go for glamour.” retorted Daiki swiftly.

“Which I have now discovered can come in all sorts of guises,” Takaki said on a groan. “You may be dressed in the most conservative suit I've ever seen, you may be wearing a big and thick eye glasses, but in my eyes, Daiki, you're extremely beautiful and perfect. And I want you.” Even as he spoke, even as his voice turned low and throat, his arms were tightening around Daiki again, and his mouth claimed the latter in a kiss that shot Daiki into space.

Takaki asked himself why he was doing this. Why he was persisting with Daiki when the latter had told him quite clearly that their brief affair was over. Was it his wounded pride? Was he not used to people turning him down? Or had Daiki really got beneath his skin in a way that no other had since his marriage broke down?

He had actually intended to end their affair when they got back, feeling that he wasn't being fair to Daiki, but found that he couldn't do it. More especially after the latter's scare with his mother. Daiki needed someone in his life, someone to care for him. His mother wasn't the only one who had been traumatised.

He had hardly slept the whole weekend for thinking about Daiki, wondering how he's coping, wishing there was something that he could do. And when Daiki turned up in one of his boring business suits he had felt disappointed. He had not expected him to come into the office, but he was  glad that he had, very glad.

The way that Daiki dressed was in fact to his advantage. He didn't want anyone seeing what a stunning person Daiki really is. He would never get enough of him. Not that he wanted a permanency, but contrarily he didn't want to let Daiki go. At least not for a long time yet.

“Am I being persuasive enough?” He kept his voice low and sexy as he asked Daiki. “Isn't this what you want Daiki?” Because it was as sure as hell what he wanted. The slightest touch of Daiki's lips against his fired a wild need through his body. Simply looking into the latter's amazing brown eyes created an urge of adrenaline. There's no way he could work with him all day and not be allowed to released the urge that Daiki created. Daiki had become a part of his life and he did not want to let him go.


It was the only sound he heard from Daiki. Already he could feel the latter beginning to respond to him, the defenses Daiki had built starting to crumble, and  a little more than a few seconds his body arched involuntary to him, his hips tight around Takaki, his lips parting hungrily.

He should feel guilty but he didn't. Daiki had turned into the most amazing person, truly amazing, and he didn't want to think anything anymore. He would do everything in his power to ensure that Daiki will stick to him.

Daiki felt that he had let himself down. If he hadn't given himself to Takaki in the first place then this would bot be happening, He had become like every other one of Takaki's Pas, enchanted by Takaki's seductive power.

Takaki had flattered him when he had probably seen very little was beautiful about him, and he had responded to that flattery and given in to him. And why? Because he'd been available to him at the conference and Takaki was too needy for a man not to go without sex for long. He blushed and he tried to pull free.

To no avail, Takaki's arms tightened more. “Don't think I'm unaware that your need is as great as mine.”

It was, but didn't Takaki know that people would talk? That Daiki life would be hell if anyone found out he was being bedded by his boss? This was insanity of the highest order, and he ought to have known that from the beginning. What a crazy fool he had been to even think that Takaki Yuya would settle for anything less than a full-blown affair.

“Daiki...” Takaki murmured softly against Daiki's mouth. “It's all right. Everything is all right.”

No, it wasn't. It was all wrong. Everything he was doing was all wrong. Except that another part of his mind, the insane part, was urging him to accept everything that Takaki had to offer. Takaki had given him confidence. He had become a different person, and if he was honest with himself then he truly liked that person.

But that was then and this was now. Circumstances were different. He couldn't go through with it. Except that there was still part of him, a part of his head that was not connected to his brain, that was telling him it was all righ to let go. That he deserved some pleasure in his life. That he couldn't remain a prim and boring person because of the insecurity his father had beat into him, or because he needed to stay at home to help and protect his mother from the man who was ruling both their lives.

In the end he gave in to the urges that were taking over. He could no longer deny himself the excitement of being in Takaki's arms, of his kisses, of his touch. Already an army of pleasure were marching through his body, tracking along nervesd and veins, infiltrating his blood stream, resulting in his melting against Takaki, accepting his kisses, returning them with same passion that should have scare him but instead only increased hunger.

When finally they both paused for breath, with Daiki clinging on to Takaki because he knew his legs would buckle if he let go, Takaki said softly, “My driver will pick you up at 7:30.”

“My mother...”

“I'm sure your mother will not mind you dining with me. Would you like me to talk to her?”

“No!” Daiki's response was instant. “I'll tell her myself.” Which meant that he had agreed to his suggestion, as Takaki had known all along that he would.

Daiki was not sure what his mother would say, though. His mother had not been slow in voicing his opinion that the Takaki Yuya of this world didn't take his relationship partner seriously. Especially his Pas, and Daiki really had no wish to put more trouble on his mother's shoulder.

It was too late now to back out. He had given her answer by letting Takaki kiss him. But when he got home at the end of the day, when he told his mother that he was dining with Takaki, his mother reaction was not what he expected.

“It sound as though he is a good man after vall,” she said. And when Daiki came downstairs in one of the beautiful clothes that Takaki had bought him, tears filled his mother's eyes.

Daiki knew that she was thinking his father had been the reason why he never worn fine clothes before. His heart ached, both for himself and for his mother.

As he entered the waiting car outside his house, he didn't the other car parked on the opposite side of the road, or the driver watching him intently, nor was he aware that the car is following them.

His head was in the clouds. Despite his own initial concerns, he was excited to be dining out with Takaki. Although he had made a decision today to let non of his time with Takaki bother him, he suddenly felt the pleasure when Takaki had kissed him. And now he's filled with anticipation.

As the city was left behind, Daiki began to wonder where they would be eating. The glass partition between him and the driver seat, prevented him from asking, and it was not until they stopped in front of a set of iron gates, passing through them as theu opened to follow a long drive, that he finally realized he was being taken to Takaki's home.

Excitement and fear was the current feelings than he has as he sat forward to the edge of his seat. Even though he was expecting something impressive, nothing prepared his for the grandeur that confronted his eyes. It was stunningly beautiful style house overlooking its own lake, not as the bay in Hawaii, but imposing all the same. The house was quite simply huge, making Daiki wonder how one man could live there alone.

Takaki came out to greet him, casually elegant in a gray trousers and matching short sleeved shirt.

“Welcome to my home.” Takaki kissed him gently on the lips and even that one light touch created a sizzle of excitement and with Takaki’s arm around his shoulders, he was led inside.

Daiki was totally speechless, even more so when he saw the huge entrance hall. A grand staircase at the center, and he caught a glimpse of gallery inside.

“I wasn’t expecting this…” Daiki said.

“Where did you think I lived? In some expensive and large condominium?”

“It would make more sense.” Surely this place was too big for Takaki.

“I like space. I like the countryside. Quite simply, I like it here. Besides, I do a lot of entertaining, corporate sometimes. It suits me perfectly. Would you like a tour? Or are you hungry? I believe dinner is almost ready to be served.”

“Then we will eat first.” declared Daiki, still breathless from both his impression of the house and Takaki’s nearness.

“Once again, you look stunning.” Takaki said, with something deep and throaty in his voice. Something that sent a further quiver of hunger to Daiki’s veins. “But no less sexy than you did today, the one in terrible suit of yours.”

“How dare you call my suit terrible?” Daiki said while pretending to be mad.

Takaki smirked. “Of course, I was forgetting. It is your suit of armor. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t work against me anymore. You’re sexy and delicious looking Arioka Daiki, whatever you wear.”

“Should you really be saying that to your personal assistant?” Daiki responded, enjoying this teasing side of his boss.

“There are lots of things I’d like to say to you,” Takaki growled, “but none of that would be appropriate for the moment. Perhaps later…”

The tone and charisma of Takaki bring Daiki’s special feelings. He couldn’t help wondering wheter Takaki would suggest that he stay the night.

The dining room was as impressive as the entrance hall. The table is long enough to lay more than a doen of people. There are pink roses and candle lights surrounding it, making the room romantic.

“You have gone to all this trouble for me?” Daiki asked in a whisper.

“You don’t think you are worth it? Come, let me prove that you are.” Takaki kiss turned Daiki’s hunger for food into hunger of a very different kind. And when the latter’s hand touched his butt, urgent him against his, he was left in no doubt about his need of him too.


“Mmm Yuya what?”

“We should not be doing this. We should be taking our seats. What if…?


The sound of someone clearing their throat caused Daiki to spring away. He felt one of her embarrassing blushes coming on, but Takaki was as calm and relaxed as if all they had been doing was talking.

“Ah, Inoue-san, this is Daiki, and we are both starving. Daiki, my housekeeper Inoue-san.”

“Pleased to meet you, Daiki,” said the short, cheerful woman. “Takaki surprised me when he said he had invited a guest for dinner. I usually get more warning.”

“I hope I’m not bothering you.” said Daiki at once.

“Not at all.”

Daiki waited until Inoue had left before he turned to face Takaki.

“Well, that was embarrassing. I hope he knows I’m just your PA!”

“You’re not my PA tonight, Daiki. You’re my…friend, my lady friend. My whatever you would like to call yourself. My lover perhaps?”

Again Daiki blushed. “Please don’t call me like that, Takaki. I know it’s what I was in Hawaii, but things have changed.”

“Have they?”

“Of course they have. I keep on telling you that.”

“Except that your body tells me differently.” Takaki said his voice a deep growl in his throat. “Don’t try to hide or deny it. But let’s not think about that now. Let’s take our seats. Arioka Daiki doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

The meal was fantastic, that was the only word Daiki could use to describe it. Everything was homemade, tasty and tempting. There was nothing fancy about it, but everything was delicious. He ate and drank too much, and by the time they had finished, he was so relaxed that he was laughing and chattering as though Takaki was a lifelong friend instead of the man he worked for.

Afterwards, instead of touring the house, they took a walk in the grounds.

“We need to walk our dinner off first.” Said Takaki and Daiki agreed. He was excited by the swimming pool, with its own changing rooms and sauna, but even more enthralled by the log cabin that stood in a lightly wooded area. It had a living room kitchen, a bedroom, and a shower room with deck at the front.

The house was lovely, but so big. This was cosy, this was something else. Intimate. Sexy. And clearly Takaki thought so too. Takaki caught him in his arms as they were viewing the bedroom and pulled him down on the bed.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” Takaki growled. “You’ve been driving me insane, do you realie that?”

Daiki had been determined not to let Takaki make love to him tonight. If he let him get away with it now he would be ever at the latter’s mercy. But what was a boy like him to do when his heart ruled his head? When his body craved fulfillment? When the most amazing man in the world, a man who could have any person he liked, desire him? How could he refuse him?

A/N: Long….long….long….It’s long deshou? XDD
I was having goosebumps while typing this! Daiki will get pregnant soon~ soon~ SOONNNN!! XDD
So, I went to Thailand~ Yes I did. It’s fun, really. J InooBu/YabuNoo and YamaJima and my OTPS moments ish so rabu rabu.

Yuto almost got thrown apart when he went to the audience because the audience is so hyper.

They’re using the pool and went half naked and so delicious LOL YabuNoo moments again~


Inoo is handsome, Keito’s so shy.

Yamada, imma throw him LOL

Takaki and Daiki fit to be together LOL

Chinen is so handsome too!

Imma sleep now Z_______________Z

Chapter 7 tomorrow!

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